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Harvest of Light


Harvest of Light (Işığın Hasadı)

Type of Project



Post-Production Process
Will be released in 2024


Ankara (Evren)

Role of ArtEA

Producer & Director

Supported by

CultureCIVIC "Grassroots Projects Grants"

"Harvest of Light" is a documentary supported by European Union CultureCIVIC: Grassroots Projects Grants, portraying the lives of seasonal workers from Urfa in Ankara's Evren district. Coming to the capital for the onion harvest, these families grapple with challenges illuminated by a metaphorical beacon of hope — a generator operating for just 1-2 hours daily. In this brief period, amidst the chaos of labor, the workers share their stories, symbolizing the never-ending hopes for a better life. The film intertwines diverse narratives, emphasizing labor rights, child labor, women's empowerment, and the universal right to education. Through compelling storytelling, it sheds light on the vulnerability faced by seasonal workers globally, urging reflection on creating a more just society. "Harvest of Light" captures the oscillation between light and darkness in the lives of these workers, making it a powerful call to action and a universal story of resilience and hope.

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