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In the fleeting glow of a generator's light, 'Harvest of Light' unveils the resilience of seasonal workers, emphasizing hope
amidst the challenges of the onion harvest.

Harvest of Light


The program introduces viewers to the land of magnificent mountains, crystal-clear lakes, and rugged valleys. This special two-episode program opens the mysterious door of Tajikistan and surprises viewers with unexpected wonders.

Mysterious East: Tajikistan


'Roots' explores the emotional contrasts between Cemil's Turkish upbringing and the nomadic lifestyle, posing a central question:
How will Cemil navigate the rediscovery of his Kyrgyz heritage?



Renate is a 73-year-old German lady who pursued love and left her country for Türkiye. “Renate” means “re-born” and she says
that she was reborn 46 years ago in Türkiye…


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Our founder's passion for storytelling has led to the creation of impactful projects that delve into diverse cultures and human experiences.

Other Filmography

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