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Mysterious East: Tajikistan


Mysterious East: Tajikistan (Gizemli Doğu: Tacikistan)

Type of Project

Travel Documentary





Role of the Founder

Producer & Director

Produced by

TRT Avaz

Project Link

Project Link

'Mysterious East: Tajikistan' unveils the breathtaking landscapes of Tajikistan—where majestic mountains, crystal-clear lakes, and rugged valleys captivate viewers. Across two compelling episodes, this special program unlocks the enigmatic charm of Tajikistan, offering surprises and a unique exploration of Central Asia's least-known country. With a friendly perspective, the show aims to showcase Tajikistan's cultural diversity and natural wonders. Viewers embark on a journey, tracing Mevlana's footsteps in Balkh, paying homage to Enver Pasha and comrades in Beljuvon, delving into the vibrant history of Khujand, and navigating the challenging yet mesmerizing Fan Mountains to marvel at the beauty of Iskenderkul and Haftkul.

Awards & Nominations

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