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Roots (İz)

Type of Project





Türkiye & Kyrgyzstan

Role of the Founder


Produced by

TRT Avaz

In the wake of the Soviet-Afghan War, Cemil's family sought refuge, moving from the Pamir Mountains to Van, Türkiye, in the 1980s. They have been living in a Kyrgyz village in the midst of Anatolia ever since. An opportunity arises for Cemil to visit Kyrgyzstan, where his ancestors come from. Throughout the film, the audience will witness the similarities and contrasts between Cemil's life in the Kyrgyz village in Anatolia. This promises an emotional journey of personal growth and self-discovery as it explores the nomadic lifestyle in Kyrgyzstan. As Cemil experiences Kyrgyzstan, the documentary delves into a central question: How will Cemil, born and raised in Türkiye, feel as he discovers his Kyrgyz heritage? “Roots” goes beyond a documentary, inviting audiences to reflect on themes of heritage, migration, and the enduring power of cultural connections through Cemil's compelling narrative.

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